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  • Like you, we have children and pets, too.  We’re dedicated to keeping the environment we share safe for generations to come.  For best business practices, we use as few pesticide products as possible.  Organic fertilizer and biological insect control options are available to our customers.
  • The best way to reduce the use of pesticides is to grow and maintain healthy landscapes.  Our regular services promote healthy lawns and plant materials, which reduces the need for pest management.
  • We only suggest treating for pests when they reach a damage threshold.  When treatment is warranted, we spot treat where needed.  This is always done with approval of the property manager or HOA board.  Organic options are made available.
  • Many plant problems are the result of poor plant selection for a specific environment.  We suggest planting disease resistant native plants when selecting trees and shrubs.  We would love to help you choose appropriate plants for your property.
  • We closely monitor the landscape industry and work with suppliers.  We choose to use products that deliver quality results, even when used at a lower rate.
  • Our irrigation technicians closely monitor sprinkler systems, minimizing water waste and run-off.  Our technicians are able to make recommendations for state of the art improvements using innovative water saving products now available.

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We have experience and wisdom to help you budget for the expected and unexpected. Our focus is the long-term development of your landscape. At Showplace Landscape Services, we care, and it shows.